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Sports Districts


Mount Jumbo Little League

Stretches from the farthest western limits of the Hellgate Elementary School District, through the city of Missoula, north of the Clark Fork River to 1 mile east of Potomac School and 1 mile southeast of Clinton School to First Street to the River. Kids living outside of these boundaries on the east can waiver in as they do not cross any Little League boundaries. Kids on the west belong to Mullan Trail of Frenchtown.

Schools: Hellgate, Bonner, Clinton, Rattlesnake, Lowell

Mount Sentinel Little League

South of the Clark Fork River, east of Russell Street until South Avenue and east of Brooks Street.

Schools: Cold Springs, Chief Charlo, Russell, Lewis & Clark, Paxson, Meadow Hill, Washington, St Joseph

Westside Little League

Boundaries - NORTH: Clark Fork River EAST: Russell St SOUTH: Brooks St/Hwy 93 WEST: Lolo & Frenchtown school districts

Schools: Franklin, CS Porter, Hawthorne, Valley Christian, Target Range, Mountain View

Lolo Peak Little League

Southwest of the Bitterroot River through the city of Lolo, south down the Bitterroot Valley, west to the top of Lolo Pass on the Montana/Idaho border.

Frenchtown Little League

All children eligible to enroll in Frenchtown Schools, extending north to Polson and west to the Montana/Idaho border.

Garden City Softball

All girls softball players in the Mount Jumbo, Mount Sentinel and Westside Little League boundaries.

Youth Soccer

Missoula Strikers
1805 Bancroft
Missoula MT, 59801
(406) 370-5050

Our club has been playing soccer in Montana since 1982. We teach, develop, and promote the game of soccer for all skill levels and ages. Our office is located at 1805 East Bancroft in Missoula. Our office is staffed on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 2:00.

FC Missoula Youth Soccer
P.O Box 3546
Missoula MT, 59801
(406) 370-5050

FC Missoula Youth Soccer is a nonprofit organization with a commitment to develop, support and maintain a competitive youth soccer program in Missoula, Montana. We support and promote educational and training opportunities through which players, coaches and others in the Missoula community may expand their knowledge and abilities in the great game of soccer.

Missoula Youth Soccer Club
P.O. Box 16765
Missoula MT, 59808
406-493-0630 (Sara Hill)

The purpose of MYSC is to provide a safe, positive, and fun environment where soccer rules, fundamentals, skills, and strategy are correctly taught and self-discipline, self-confidence, team-work, and sportsmanship are fostered.

Missoula Aquatic Club

The Missoula Aquatic Club is one of the oldest teams in the Rocky Mountain area. Since its inception, the team has made strides toward becoming not only the powerhouse of Montana, but also competing at the Regional and National level. MAC is now one of the largest swimming programs in the state of Montana.

The mission of the Missoula Aquatic Club is for swimmers of all ages and abilities to perform at their personal best in an environment that is educational, supportive and fun. Through our core values of teamwork, sportsmanship, health and wellness, integrity and discipline, swimmers will develop skills to help them succeed in life.

Missoula Aquatic Club P.O. Box 7434 Missoula, MT 59807-7434